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Molecular Genetics of RNA viruses

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· Objectives :

Studies on influenza viruses and other respiratory viruses are mainly focused on :

► Epidemiology and evolution of influenza viruses in close link with the National Influenza Center (Northern-France) and WHO reference laboratory for H5 viruses focusing on the the diversity of the viral populations and their functional impact on pathogenicity and adaptation to a new host.

►Influenza virus – host interactions specifically on interactions between viral ribonucleoproteins and the cellular microenvironment and analysis of determinants of pathogenicity on the neuraminidase of avian influenza viruses.

►Antiviral inhibitors of influenza virus multiplication, evaluating the impact of virus genetic variations on the susceptibility to antiviral inhibitors and viral fitness.

►Immune responses and vaccines to analyze the humoral responses to anti-influenza vaccination.

Studies of hepatitis C virus (HCV) and related simian GB virus B (GBV-B) focus on :

►Virus cell entry, particle assembly and host range and on Virus/host interactions  small primate model.

The unit is : the CNRS National Reference Center for influenza viruses, WHO National Influenza Center (Northern-France) and WHO reference laboratory for H5 and SARS. 


· Methods :

Molecular, biochemical and cellular in vitro approaches, and in vivo studies. The laboratory has access to BSL2+ and BSL3+ facilities and to the platforms of the Institut Pasteur (sequencing, imaging, A2 and A3 animal facilities, etc..).

Equipes de recherche

Responsable de Structure : Sylvie Van Der Werf
Vincent Enouf : Directeur(trice) Adjoint(e) de Centre National de Référence

Mathilde Ben Assaya : Technicienne
Andreea Alexandru
Stéphane Leandri
Camille Berthault
Marion Declercq : Etudiante en thèse
Melanie Dos Santos
Marie Lazzerini
Brigitte Blumen
Malika Hocine
Camille Roquin
Sylvie Behillil
Nadia Naffakh : Cheffe de Groupe
Florian Andrieux
Cyril Barbezange : Chercheur Permanent
Caroline Demeret
Guillaume Fournier : Post-doctorant
Sandie Munier
Bernadette Crescenzo : Ingénieure de Recherche
Julie Magnus : Ingénieure de Recherche
Lisette Cohen
Matthieu Fritz : Etudiant en thèse
Patricia Cassonnet : Ingénieure de Recherche
Stéphanie Aicher : Etudiante en thèse
Elise Biquand : Etudiante en thèse
Cédric Diot : Etudiant en thèse
Yves Jacob : Chef de Groupe
Annette Martin : Cheffe de Groupe
Isabelle Poste : Personnel Administratif

Autres contacts

Institut Pasteur

25, rue du Dr Roux

75724 PARIS CEDEX 15


25, rue du Dr Roux
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